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This is my personal website containing some of my written articles and links to other websites created and or maintained by me. I'm the founder of FifthWheelStreet.com, the premier self-help RV safety website providing the only 13 Point Weight Safety Report. I have created four apps for RVers and more info about them can be found at FifthWheelSt.info. I enjoy creating websites and below are links to websites I currently maintain.


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Vandenberg Wildlife

Original David Gray Family of Lompoc

Vandenberg AFB Rod & Gun Club

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"Until apathy is murdered and the citizens of this country stop hibernating in the comforts of their very small world, the independence we now enjoy will be lost forever." (July 3, 2009)
"Talent comes from practice. Practice is the result of knowledge. Knowledge comes from education. Talent, practice, knowledge and education starts with a dream." (September 23, 2010)
"Retirement is not a time to relax, it's time that allows you to do more desirable work." (2002)

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